In this tutorial we are going to take a photo, extract a central image, and set it in motion by giving it a motion blur. I am going to use this superman wallpaper, buy you can use anything you like.

motion blur 1

Start off by selecting your polygon lasso tool, and selecting an outline of the image you would like to add the motion blur to.

motion blur 2

Once you have it completely selected we are going to place it on a new layer. Press Ctrl+C to copy your selection, and Ctrl+V to past it. Your image should be pasted on a new layer in the same position that you copied it. This is just what we want.

motion blur 3

Click on your pasted image.

motion blur 4

Choose Filters > Eye Candy > Motion Trail

motion blur 5

In my photo superman is moving upwards, so I am using a direction of 241. You can adjust the length opacity and taper of your trail in whatever way that best suits your image.

motion blur 6

You should have something similar to mine.

motion blur 7

Next I took the dodge tool and used it the brighten the main parts of the trail.

motion blur 8

Here is how mine turned out.

motion blur 9


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