I’ve no idea how headphone and earphone cables get so knotted, even with careful use. What I do know is that with a pair of iMuffs, you won’t need to untie them any longer. These wireless headphones make use of a little Bluetooth transmitter that plugs into your iPod Nano, Classic, Touch, Mini and all latest-gen igadgets (iPhone works too but is not supported).

This neat set of cans look as cosy as earmuffs and feature playback and volume controls right on each earpiece…beware annoying people who may derive an almost sadistic pleasure in anonymously pausing or skipping your tracks in a crowd.

The iMuffs claim to deliver near-CD quality sound up to 10 meters away. Lets remember that only applies if you’re using a CD quality sound source, if you’re listening to MP3s, expect near-MP3 quality sound.

One great feature is the integration of a hidden microphone in the right side of the headphones, which can be used to take calls and for use on Skype. The iMuffs charge via USB and fetch around 16 hours of playback while the transmitter feeds off your iPod’s battery. You can pick up a set for $129.99 over at Wi-Gear.



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I got tired of dragging around the wires of other headphones. I thought I'd try wireless and found the iMuffs. It's true they're easy to set up and get working.

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The next innovations were the earplug-type earpieces, which you often see on people and those with MP3s or iPods. These earphones are connected to wires to link your ears and the music player. Most people use them so we may possibly conclude that they are better than their predecessors so far.

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