There are many people around the world who wish to get into the world of internet and start their own websites but may not be able to invest a huge amount of money in the beginning itself. When they are new in this field, they go for some ordinary web hosting server which just suits their website and the content that is present in it. Later, as their website expands, they switch to some other web hosting server that is top class and suits their website perfectly.

So, they may not go for the best web hosting server that is available on the internet. Due to this, the dedicated web hosting server and the co-location web hosting server are out of question as they are extremely costly. So, the only other suitable option that you are left with is the shared web hosting server.

As the name itself suggests, the shared web hosting server comprises of many users, sometimes even thousands of users on a single web hosting server, sharing all its resources like the bandwidth, the web space, the memory, and other web tools. Due to the fact that there are lots of users present on a single web hosting server, the shared web hosting servers cost very less when compared to some other types of web hosting servers.

Now-a-days, with so much improvement in the technology, the quality of the shared web hosting servers have increased immensely. It is not that all the web hosting servers are vulnerable to all sorts of problems. There are many shared web hosting companies present on the internet, which offer great quality and service to their clients. However, you need to be very careful about the shared web hosting servers and the features that come with it.

Even though, sometimes these shared web hosting servers offer great quality and outputs, there are some major drawbacks of going with the shared web hosting server. You need to make sure that as far as possible you avoid these pitfalls and be successful with your website.

First of all, when it comes to the shared web hosting server, you need to be sure that you do a thorough research and check for all the possible features of any shared web hosting company that you find on the internet and feel like getting registered for it.

You have to thoroughly check the blogs, forums, and other sections of the website and makes sure that there are no major problems associated with that particular web hosting company. These kind of thorough checks will give you a proper idea about the kind of service that they provide to their users and if it is really of top quality.

Also, make sure that you do not go for the very first shared web hosting company that you come across. See that you find at least a few good shared web hosting companies that are present on the internet before you get registered with any, and then narrow down your choice to the best of the lot.

Make sure that the web hosting company that you are going to choose is well settled and reputed organization and has enough users linked to it. As far as possible, you must try to avoid the web hosting companies that are very new in the market. Another reason for going for well settled web hosting companies is that, the technical staff of such companies will be more trained and have more experience in dealing with the a variety of issues till date, when compared to the newly formed web hosting companies.

The technical staff of these newly formed companies may not be that familiar with the solutions to some of the major and very complicated problems. As a result you may not get instant help and your difficulties might not be solved in a professional manner, leading to more problems in your online business.

Also, before you sign up for any particular kind of a web hosting server, make sure that you check the requirements of your website. Make sure that you go through all the content and the format of your website and see what all is needed. After all, you should buy only those things that are actually need. On the other hand, if you just purchase the web hosting server and its features, it might happen that you spend a lot of money for purchasing something that is absolutely of no use to you or to your website.

Also, since the shared web hosting server comes very cheap, you may not get the same level of security or the customer service that you get with the dedicated web hosting server. If any user present on the same shared web hosting server over utilizes the resources or runs any malicious code, it can affect your website as well. Also, the features may not be of the same quality. You are even likely to face more downtimes when compared with some other type of top web hosting servers.

You even get only limited domain names in case of the shared web hosting servers. So, as your business grows, if you wish to expand your presence on the internet, you may be forced to change the current web host. Make sure that the web host that you are going to choose regularly updates web tools like the PHP, MySQL, Python, the CGI and others. Also, the database that you get with the shared web hosting is very limited.

There are a many things you could do to minimize the effects of these pitfalls or in other words try to overcome these kinds of drawbacks of the shared web hosting by following a few steps. As far as possible, try to register you domain name separately. This will help you to retain the same domain name even if you change your web host. You need to take frequent backups of the entire content that is present on your web hosting account.

These backups will help you restore the data if your website goes corrupt or there arise any problems with the web hosting server. However, if you face regular issues with your current web hosting server, then changing the web hosting company and going for some top class dedicated web hosting server is the only option to succeed in your online business.



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