Sony’s plans to reintroduce the Playstation Portable as the PSP Go!

Playstation Portable PSP Go

The new Playstation Portable is called the PSP Go! and it will boast of the following improvements:

- A slide-in feature that will allow for a bigger screen for the Playstation Portable. Indeed, you think that the current widescreen LCD of the Playstation Portable is big enough? Wait until you see the new PSP Go!

- No more UMD support. The cartridge slot at the back has been removed to give way to the slide-in feature. Games will now be downloaded digitally. For those who don’t have access to internet or WiFi connections, download kiosks will be established in popular destinations so that players can conveniently get their gaming fix.

- Flip-in/flip-out controllers to allow the outer layer screen to slide in.

- 16 GB of built-in memory. Wow! Say goodbye to those 4GB memory cards.

- An extra analog stick – finally!

- A series of add-ons under the Go! brand. There will be Go! 1.3 mega pixel cameras, aptly entitled the Go!Cam. There will be Go!View which is a movie download service. And there are other Go! products being planned as we speak.

- An improved online download service. The Playstation Store will be restructured specifically for the PSP Go!


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