Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of video games that require some peripheral in order to make them work. Now, when you go to your local retail giant like Wal-Mart, you will see entire shelves devoted to Rockband and Guitar Hero. The most recent game that depends on an accessory is Tony Hawk: The Ride.

Then there are other games, such as Mario Cart for the Wii which have a steering wheel accessory that is nothing more than a piece of plastic. Sometimes I question how video game company decide how to package their peripherals with their games.

Especially when the new edition of Modern Warfare 2 comes with night vision goggles. I can’t help but question why. Granted, I’m not familiar with the original Modern Warfare game, but it doesn’t sound like the Night Vision goggles are required to play this game.

What really isn’t required is this casting of a human head that comes with it. What is this, something to smack around if you can’t defeat the game?

The price of Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition has not been named. However, night vision goggles tend to be pretty expensive. Think of that kid in Jurassic Park who found a pair in the tourist vehicle. As I recall, the blood sucking lawyer said: “Are they heavy? Then they’re expensive. Put them away.”

Now, if there was a way to connect the goggles to the game and make the gameplay more fun, that would be something!



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