With the year drawing to a close, if we thought we had come a long way with the flexible displays, here is yet another question to ask. How far can the reality be pushed? Ask this to a designer, and he’d say, beyond the horizon. Literally, with this Prime Gaming Laptop concept, which flaunts three screens on the laptop, are we seeing the Lenovo W700ds grow outdated already? prime-gaming-laptop2_lyGYM_54

There was this Apple tribook concept that we illustrated a few days back. It exhibited a three screen display, and here we have another one in the same league, but this 13-inch Prime Gaming Laptop concept houses more efficient OLED screens. The main middle screen measures 10-inches while the other two on either side are 16-inches in entirety.


With 32:10 aspect ratios, the total diagonal screen size of the concept is 26-inches when fully open. The three screened laptop has large vents to keep it cool when you’re burning it with your gaming fervor, while the aluminum body is ready for all the hard times. We aren’t sure of what this concept has in store for the gamers, but we are sure if this ever goes into production, it would redefine efficient portability and power in computing.



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