1. No unique Twitter ID

Do you have a primary ID that you use for all social networks and e-mail? Use it for Twitter too, as this would help your acquaintances to recognize you faster. In your profile you must link back to your Website or blog. Provide all the contexts at first instanceso that you don't need to update it everyday.

2. Chalk out a strategy to be focused

Well, we spend a lot of time in Social Networking. So it should be a part of your strategy. The bottomline is to make the best use of time. It doesn't take a whole lot of time very week to build up a group of followers. If you are on the right track you might have 1000 followers in 2 months. While planning your Twitter campaign, keep three things in mind

  • Time you can afford to spend on Twitter as compared to other modes of publicity
  • How can your social efforts generate exposure to your strategy
  • How would your strategy generate traffic for your visitors

3. Get a custom twitback

What drives most Twitter users is curiosity. Most of Twitter users watch out for something interesting. It's no use posting links all the day, as you already have a link back to your site on your twitter page.

For better, you can have a pretty twitter background aligning with who you are and is consistent with your branding. If possible get a professional designer to generate a background according to your direction. With a cool background you are supposed to gain a lot more followers. If people find that interesting, they'll follow you.

With custom twitback you can display more information about yourself. In addition to your 160 characters bio include other contact information such as your Linkedin profile link; link to your blog; your phone number or any other important details that you would like people to know. The links are not clickable, but people would be curious enough to type it into the address bar.

4. Visualize Data Quickly

This is one of the primary needs in Twitter. Well, there are certain ways to quickly visualize your Twitter information. With apps like Twitter Blocks you can visualize and navigate your Twitter community of friends and followers. Tweetstats is like a Twitter CSI that keeps a track of Tweets per hour, Tweets per month, Tweet timeline and reply statistics. Well, that provides a full analysis of your success on Twitter.

5. Optimize your tweet

Here's an SEO tip for Twitter. For any conversation you involve in the lead is important. If you are looking for SEO, write the important words in the lead-in. This would ensure that what appears on the tweets title tag. Typically, 42 characters are factored into each tweet's title tag, which includes the account name and the initial characters of each tweet.

While conceiving the tweet, keep in mind that your full tweet and all the characters are being indexed by major search engines.

6. Provide some link love

Insert the back links to ensure that it redirect users. If you are sharing links use the URL shorteners like TinyURL and Bitly. Those like Bit.ly not only tracks the click-through for the specific links you share on the platform, but also allows you to track links in aggregate. You can see when people are clicking on your links most.

7. Don't make a spammer of you

Most Twitter users are suspicious with tweets and quite often misunderstand common tweets. Now, if you land on the wrong foot, no chance you gotta face the penalty. If you keep on tweeting and like a spammer, people would not only ignore you, but also block you.

Take note, people would follow you back if you

  • Interact
  • Keep a balance between your followers and following ratio
  • Tweet a lot about what you're up to without links to your site

It's important that your conversation is interesting. Remember, no one pays heed to a conversation that involves a guy/girl in a bar with all street talks through the night. Try to involve in small, but important discussion.

8. Maintain a degree of parity

Keep a parity between the number of people you follow and the ones you are following . See that you don't follow more people than the number of tweets you’ve sent. Posting loads of funky stuffs without any real meaning makes you look like a spammer.

Here's a summary of what you need to do as a beginner

  • Don't over-post
  • Maintain a degree of parity
  • Use the reply button liberally
  • Follow as much as you’re followed,
  • Provide as much information as you receive,
  • Try to provide more free advice than the amount of service-related tweets you do for your own product

9. Go with the flow

If you are overconfident that you know better than anyone else, you are at loss. Like Google, Twitter also keeps on tinkering with its platform. So make sure you follow their blog to keep up with the latest tweaks.

10. Take Twitter with You

Push you Twitterstream to Facebook to replace your update and serve it up on your blog as well. This is important as the Twitter is aligned to volumes of blog post.


Keep an eye on Twitups

If your are looking to party through Twitter look for this one. Tweetups are meetups with people on Twitter that are organized mostly near your locality. It's a great option to meet your Twitter acquaintances or friends face-to-face. To know how just read this Tweetups idea.



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