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We've been monitoring Globat for over a year now. In fact, we even host a sample site with Globat for your evaluation. Their service has improved dramatically since last year. They provide a very good hosting package with great customer support at a very attractive price.


Lets take this certain picture gallery website for example. Its been online with Globat ever since October 2002. Webmaster chose Globat at that time because they offered a large amount of disk space and bandwidth. Currently the site has 150 JPG pictures with a total size of 10 MB (pictures load very fast). With approximately 300 visitors a day, the site in question uses about 5 GB of bandwidth each month. In order to reach the 75 GB bandwidth limit, they could either improve their traffic to 4,500 visitors a day, or add up to 2,250 of similar pictures. You can see how much place there is to grow.

Company Background

Globat is the fastest growing web host today. It was founded by Ben Neumann in December 2001. We have actually spoken with Ben in order to find out more information concerning his company. Ben has been in the web hosting business since 1994. He has founded Icom (popular web host) which was later sold to Interliant (another web host) in 1998. Icom is now owned by Interland (yes, another web host). Ben has gained a lot of experience in the web hosting business and is capable of building scalable web hosting networks.

Generous Amount of Storage and Bandwidth

Most web hosting users use less than 50 MB of disk space. Therefore 2,500 MB of disk space is just too much for most users. The 75 GB bandwidth should be worth a lot more than $10. From Ben (Globat's founder), we understand that Globat is buying huge amounts of bandwidth from Verio and Level 3 in bulk, so Globat is able to provide more bandwidth to their customers. He also stated that they are not as greedy as other companies. They are able to live with a lower profit margin since they are running a very streamlined operation.

Customer Support

Getting to the their support start page will really amaze you. They have a large support staff and getting support is quite easy and effective.

1. Support Ticket - This is the most important way to get support. You just create a support ticket and they will get back to you regarding your issue. All you need is a working email address. Support tickets are tracked, so they can easily be followed up. Although sending your email directly to will also create a ticket automatically, it is recommended that you use the ticket submission form so you'll be reminded to include some basic information, i.e. your domain name and the category of your issue.

2. Live Chat Support - This was introduced in March 2003. Live chat is effective because you get an immediate response from one of their support staff. It is not 24/7 and available only in the business hours (Email, Tickets & Phone support are 24/7).

3. Toll-Free Support - This was introduced in July 2003. For technical support, the number is 1-877-2GLOBAT and it is available 24/7. For sales and billing, the number is 1-323-874-9000 and is available Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:30 pm EST. The toll-free numbers are only available to the US and Canada. For international customers, you may use 1-323-874-9000.

4. Tutorials - There are around 50 tutorials categorized into 4 different groups. They show you how to setup your email client, transfer files to your website with FTP, manage your account with the control panel and modify DNS records for your domain name. Most of the tutorials are in Flash videos while some are in text and images.

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Contains over 100 FAQ and answers under many different categories. One of the important sections you might be interested in is the 'Before Signing Up' section which contains many answers to the most commonly asked presale questions.


1. Globat Command Console (GCC) - Introduced in February 2004, GCC is Globat's new control panel software for their customers. The 6 basic functions in GCC are file manager, web-based email, managing email accounts, MySQL database, protected directories and viewing web statistics (AWStats). GCC is based on the Plesk control panel, which they have been using since the beginning. GCC provides easy navigation and is a lot faster then Plesk. However, not all functions in Plesk have been implemented in GCC yet. We will definitely see more features added in the future. Plesk is still available and you can choose to login to either GCC or Plesk in the login page.

2. Unlimited MySQL Databases - There are no limits on how many MySQL databases you use. There is also no size quota.

3. Paypal Payments - Globat has also setup their system to accept payment by PayPal. Not many hosts are willing to accept PayPal payments.

4. Free Domain - If you prepay for 1 year, you will get a new domain name for free. If you prepay for 2 years instead, the domain name is registered for 2 years.


Sony has unveiled two very non-pricey, highly affordable point and shoot Cyber-shots with high end specs. The DSC-TX1 and DSC-WX1 are both new additions to Sony’s Cyber-shot range. Sony has blessed the TX1 and WX1 with a back-illuminated CMOS sensor, the Exmor R. If you’re wondering why the duo will have near DSLR specs, its mainly because of its sensor. Their sensors will be based on those found in Sony’s DSLRs, this promises to deliver optimal low-light performance without help from a flash or tripod - something that not many point and shoots are doing so well at the moment.


Both 10.2 megapixel TX1 and WX1 will be under the stunning budget price of $380. The $350 WX1 features the exact same G Lens, low-light optimized Exmor R CMOS sensor and Sweep Panaroma mode as seen in Sony’s $500 HX1 mega zoom camera.


On the other hand, the rather slimmer $380 Cyber-shot TX1 falls in step with other T series model with a 3.0 inch touch screen on the back panel. Though without the Sony G Lens on the WX1, it still boasts low-light optimized Exmor R CMOS Sensor and Sony’s new Twilight mode. Twilight mode works simply by combining a range of shots taken at various exposures to produce photos with greater dynamic range, this again hopes to enable users to get the most out of low-light photography. The TX1 has a shutter button, but all other controls are via the touch screen, which also lets you flick through images with a finger.

Both new Cyber-shot cameras will be able to record 720p HD (MPEG-4 @ 30fps).

Sony Press Release

New Cyber-shot® Cameras Excel in Low-Light Performance

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 5, 2009 – Sony today announced two new Cyber-shot® cameras (DSC-TX1 and DSC-WX1 models) that provide unprecedented advances in low-light performance with approximately twice the sensitivity of cameras with traditional image sensors.

These Cyber-shot cameras are the first to employ Sony’s new “Exmor R” back illuminated CMOS sensor technology to improve shooting in low-light scenarios, enhancing image clarity and drastically reducing grain.

“With these new “Exmor R” CMOS sensor cameras, Sony has vastly improved the customer experience for taking pictures with digital still cameras in low-light scenarios,” said Phil Lubell, director of the digital imaging business at Sony Electronics. “We’ve all taken pictures in dimly lit situations, like blowing out candles on a birthday cake, and the results were grainy and unclear. By redesigning the way these cameras capture light, Sony is leading the industry by creating this easy way to take amazingly clear, vibrant photos in low lighting scenarios.”

“Exmor R” Sensor Optimizes Low-Light Performance

Conventional image sensor architecture has required wires and other circuit elements to be positioned above the light sensitive photo-diodes, limiting the imager’s light gathering capability. Positioning these elements behind the photo-diodes, Sony’s “Exmor R” image sensors can gather more light, resulting in approximately twice the sensitivity compared to conventional sensors.

To further extend low-light shooting performance, the TX1 and WX1 cameras incorporate the hand-held twilight and anti-motion blur multi-shot modes introduced in Sony’s breakthrough Cyber-shot DSC-HX1. Using “Exmor R” CMOS sensor’s high speed, these modes capture six separate images in less than a second and utilize Sony’s BIONZ™ processor to combine the shots into a single image of extraordinary detail and low noise.

Combining the “Exmor R” technology with hand-held twilight and anti-motion blur modes delivers a breakthrough in low-light photography. Users can now capture images of stunning detail and low noise in scenes with no more than candlelight—without flash or the need of a tripod.

Innovative Sweep Panorama™ and High-Speed Shooting

In addition to their breakthrough low light performance, these new cameras also include Sony’s Sweep Panorama and 10 frames per second burst shooting features, which were introduced with the Sony® DSC-HX1 camera. The TX1 and WX1 cameras offer these features in smaller, more compact bodies that match nearly any unique style.

Capturing wide landscapes is as easy as “press and sweep.” Sweep Panorama mode lets you reach beyond the traditional wide-angle lens and capture breathtaking shots. Using the high-speed “Exmor R” CMOS sensor, the cameras shoot continuously while you sweep across the scene. Using the BIONZ imaging processor, they automatically stitch the pictures together to create one stunning panoramic photo.

The TX1 and WX1 Cyber-shot models can take up to 185 and 256-degree panorama shots respectively in one easy press-and-sweep motion with an image size of 7152 x 1080 (ultra wide horizontal).

Advanced Technology and Compact Design

While the HX1 camera is a well-rounded solution for customers who are looking for high-zoom and speed in a smaller size than a DSLR, the TX1 and WX1 cameras are made for an audience that wants advanced technology in an even more compact design.

With its slim profile of just 16.5mm, the 10.2 mega-pixel TX1 offers streamlined, distinguished curves for a sophisticated look appealing to the fashion-oriented who are also looking for great performance. This model features a new operation on the touch panel that lets you scroll through images with an effortless “flick” of your finger and directly access menus on the 3-inch Clear Photo LCD Plus™ display.

With a Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar® lens, the TX1 camera lets you focus as little as 0.4 inches from your subject for extraordinary close-up shots. The 4x telescopic zoom is perfect for capturing far-away subjects, and Sony’s Optical SteadyShot™ image stabilization helps overcome camera shake.

The 10.2 mega-pixel WX1 camera has a 2.7-inch Clear Photo LCD Plus display and is just over three quarters of an inch thin—an ideal choice for DSLR owners who also want to carry a compact, high performance digital still camera.

The WX1 camera features a Sony G lens with an extraordinary wide angle 24-120mm 5x optical zoom. This lens’ f/2.4 maximum aperture offers nearly twice the light gathering capability of conventional lenses, and works together with the “Exmor R” imager and low-light shooting modes to provide low-light photography beyond the abilities of other compact cameras.

Tech Savvy Cameras

These cameras include the most recent Sony technology, including, Intelligent Auto (iAuto) mode which, recognizes scenes, lighting conditions and faces, and adjusts settings resulting in clearer images, faces with more natural skin tone and less blur; Face Detection that detects up to eight faces and optimizes focus, flash, exposure and white balance and intelligent Scene (iSCN) that delivers nine Scene Selection modes to quickly adjust for specific shooting conditions.

Pet mode is a new Sony feature that minimizes blur when shooting moving pets. This new mode also reduces glowing pet red-eye.

Additionally, the cameras have technologies Sony Cyber-shot customers have come to expect. These include Smile Shutter™ technology that automatically captures a smile, dynamic range optimization (DRO) that improves exposure and contrast, intelligent Auto Focus that captures fleeting moments and HD video capability that records HD movies in 720p high definition MPEG4 format.

With HD video capability, these cameras record HD movies in 720p high definition MPEG4 format for stunning large-screen home movie playback. You can record up to 29 minutes (or up to 2GB file size) in 720p format.

Pricing and Availability

The TX1 camera will be available in silver, gray, pink and blue this September for about $380. The WX1 camera will be available in black this October for about $350. Pre-sales will start in August. The cameras and a range of accessories will be available online at, at Sony Style® retail stores (, at military base exchanges and at authorized dealers nationwide.

Thanks to Mark for the tip!

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