ValueRays isn’t the first company in the world to have the best interest of your hands at heart, although they do offer something unorthodox for those who are chained to their cubicles all day long. The produces on offer include a Warm Mouse, Warm Keyboard, USB Infrared Heaters, Hand Warmers and a Heated Mouse for Mouse Hand Pain.

Our USB hand warmers are infrared heaters and provide “infrared heat” therapy for computer users with hand pain and cold hands. ValueRays USB infrared heated warm mouse, heated mousepad, heated keyboard pad and Mouse Hand Warmer provide deep healing infrared heat for the cold mouse hand and cold keyboard hands. ValueRays USB Hand Warmers provide a healthy way to use the computer! Make the computer work for you, not harm you! Reduce stress. Improve circulation. Keep warm!

The use of infrared heat apparently penetrates deep through the skin’s layers to the muscle tissue, helping relieve tension and stress while improving overall blood circulation as well. This further heals and reduces the risk of computer-related hand injuries such as RSI, CTD and CTS. We wonder whether you can work this into your office budget for next year. Anyone used something like this before, and what are the results?



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