Verbatim's Color Nano Wireless Notebook Mouse Aims Small

While not typically known for their pointing peripherals, Verbatim recently released a line of small, portable notebook mice that should make your mobile computing more productive. Called the Color Nano Wireless Notebook Mouse, it features a tiny USB dongle / receiver that is designed to be left in your USB port without risk of snapping off, making setting up easier when working on-the-go.

Like the Lingo Wireless Mouse we’ve seen previously, Verbatim’s Color Nano Wireless Notebook Mouse also includes a small storage space in the mouse itself for the USB dongle (in case you run out of ports and can’t leave it plugged in). This optical Color Nano uses the 2.4GHz wireless spectrum for reliable and responsive performance, comes in your choice of 7 colors (hence the name) and plays equally well with both PC or Mac.

The dimensions of the mouse itself have been omitted, but the focus here is on the diminutive size of the transmitter and usability. It is certainly not a Z-Nano competitor.

Verbatim’s Color Nano Wireless Notebook Mouse is available now in pink, blue, red, green, purple, yellow or graphite - priced between $20 and $30 from



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