It looks and seems so simple - just buy and sell, or buy and sell using sophisticated trading indicators and the modern commercial software. All you have to do - it cut its losses and find a trading system that wins more than loses money polyutsya river!

You are viewing all the best books on trade, in which a trader in another state that they are doing a lot of money, because it knows how to use the correct methods of trading. The author is a man who has just lost his job and now trades from his home and earns much more money than ever before!

You say, "I can do it, I'm ready. I've been using their savings, and by trade will make them millions. So, you're going to make their millions and live a beautiful life! You buy the latest trading system, which promises more profit. No waste of time to a virtual trade or to develop your trading skills - you must begin to make money now, because you need the income and all you want to show that you have succeeded!

This is - a fantasy that lures in a trap so many novice traders. The reality is that it is very difficult to trade with consistent profits. In fact, 90 percent of all traders lose money in the trade! Most novice traders lose their money within the first 6 months. So why trade is so difficult?

Requires responsibility, discipline, reason, concentration, hard work, practice and time to become a profitable trader. It does not depend on trading systems, because the best trading systems are a by-product of the trader. "Best" in one way or another, is a relative term, because what is best for a single trader may not be the best for another, as their trading styles are different.

Beginner trader should strive to develop a reliable trading approach, based on his beliefs and to exercise strict control over the risks and proper management of money. Traders must have the discipline to manage themselves and their trade. Only one out of this because a lot of novice traders. Still, much depends on the fight with his mentality and his reactions to market events that awaken fear and greed.

As a trader, you should be fully aware about the reality. Let your positive beliefs lead you to take the actions necessary in order to succeed. However, this does not mean that traders can enter the financial markets and start trading blindly, simply because they are positive and ignore the whole spectrum of what is possible when trading in the markets.

You should be aware of both sides of the coin, good and bad - and respond with a full understanding of this. Everyone wants easy money, without a hard work necessary to achieve success. However, success must be earned. May take many years before you will make a profit. Everyone has different strengths, which he can use and different weaknesses, which must be overcome, and the time required to achieve success, will be different for everyone. There is no quick path to success, as there is no "Holy Grail chalice".


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