So last week I played five games of laser quest (hey- he asked for an unusual first date, and he got it!). I’m good at laser quest, even won a couple of games. The local laser zone is pitch black and full of tunnels, and it’s pretty easy to shoot and duck into a maze before they even see you. My only problem is that I have a rather daft tendency to think I’m going through a gap, but to actually run into walls…

So I could really have benefited from a pair of these Night Vision Goggles, even if it was just so I could see what I was rebounding off of. Once the reserve of night time soldiers, now they’re going to be available on IWOOT within the next week (pre orders are being taken currently). If only I had £100!

Using infra red, these goggles allow you to see up to fifteen meters in absolute darkness. Perfect for playing hide and seek in the garden, or watching owls and bats of an evening. And yes, you do get to pretend your stalking the bad guy (although I believe it is a prerequisite to hum the ‘Mission Impossible’ theme tune as you do).

The cool thing about these goggles is not only do they allow you to see in the dark, but even at full power they won’t be spotted by the animal/ child/ wall you’re following around, as even at full power the light emitted is barely visible to the naked eye. Which makes you wonder if the fifteen meters is really possible- my only experience with night vision goggles to date is of a very blurry looking creature which may or may not have been an antelope a couple of meters away (coolness points for Ruth: this occurred while working on a nature reserve in Kenya, so it really was an antelope not a confused goat).

The Night Vision Goggles take five AA batteries, and there’s no word how long they actually last, so if you’re spending £100 on goggles, then you may want to invest in rechargeable batteries- save the environment as you study it under the stars!


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