InMotion hosting has been providing businesses with web hosting since 2001 from their offices in Los Angeles, CA and Virginia Beach, VA. They do not outsource tech support -- all support is done from their Virgina Beach office.

They are the only host in this price range to give you the option of hosting from two geographically different data centers - one in downtown L.A. and the other just outside of Washington, DC.

Having the option to choose a datacenter near you can save you a lot of time if your business heavily relies on interacting with your website backoffice during the day.

InMotion's position is definitely oriented towards business hosting rather than personal web hosting. They offer the whole range of hosting plans from starter shared hosted plans, to virtual private servers to dedicated / managed servers.

User experience

InMotion test site showed to be very responsive.

Follow up:

We were able to perform 10 simultaneous FTP transfers, which is outstanding and makes site maintenance extremely fast.

InMotion uses the industry proven cPanel architecture. No surprises there. The default settings allow for good operation without running into annoying limitations.

The default settings allow for reasonable operation without running into annoying limitations.

Customer satisfaction

Our satisfaction surveys show that what their customers appreciate the most is the quality of the tech support.

This concurs with our own findings that InMotion Hosting focus on the latest proven stable version of server software components in order to provide their clients with the highest stability and a seamless experience.

We have also noticed that InMotion was rated "A" by the Better Business Bureau (L.A.) which is excellent and sufficiently rare in the hosting industry to be noted.

Technical specs

  • PHP version: 5.2.6 -- Up to date
  • PHP security: Very Good (suPHP)
  • MySQL version: 5.0.67 -- Up to date
  • GD library: 2.0.34 -- Up to date

Overall, the platform is state of the art (16GB or 32GB of RAM, 2 Quad Core Xeons, 15,000 RPM SAS Hard Drives...)

Section updated on Feb 26th, 2009


SFTP is not available.

Overall security is good.

Hosting Plans

Basic Launch Power Pro
Monthly fee (× 1 mo) - - - $19.95
Monthly fee (× 6 mo) - - - $19.95
Monthly fee (× 12 mo) - $7.95 $9.95 $18.95
Monthly fee (× 24 mo) $4.00 $6.95 $8.95 -
Disk space 150 GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Transfer 1,500 GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Included domain name free free free free
Sites per account 1 2 6 16
Domains per account 2 6 26 unlimited
MySQL databases 1 2 50 200
b2evo auto install yes yes yes yes


Bluehost is definitely one of the best hosting provider for any hosting plans you might need.

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