Hostgator Reviews

Hostgator is one of the top web host, in terms of support, features and uptime. It is no wonder that almost all web hosting reviews place hostgator as one of Hostgator is one of the top web host, in terms of support, features and uptime. It i the top hosts.

Hostgator Coupon

Hostgator offers up to $9.95 or the first month free with their coupon codes. If you want to get the first month of shared hosting free, use the hostgator coupon code hgc25 during sign up. At the moment, hostgator have a better promotion running till 1st April. 2008. For any hostgator purchase, you get 20% off the entire order. That is a great offer for reseller accounts and shared hosting prepaid for longer duration.

Bluehost Vs Hostgator Review

Both hostmonster and Bluehost are two of the best shared web hosts. But hostgator scores over bluehost in the following: 1. Hostgator allows monthly payment for a very small setup fee($5.00). Bluehost charges much bigger ($30.00)setup fee for a monthly contract. If you prefer monthly contract, hostgator is a better option. 2. Hostgator offers much better support, compared to bluehost. Bluehost support is just okay, where as hostgator is ready to go that extra mile for you.

Hostmonster Vs Hostgator Review

Hostmonster and Bluehost belongs to the same company, so most of what mentioned about bluehost is applicable for hostmonster as well. If you compare hostgator reviews and hostmonster reviews generally, you can see that both get good ratings with hostgator standing out on few points. Here is the reason why we recommend hostgator over hostmonster. 1. Support- Hostgator simply too good. 2. Flexible payment terms - Hostgator lets you choose a monthly billing, yearly or even you can prepay for two or three years. Unless you are expecting to get a discount, there is no need for commiting to anything more than a month.

Hostgator Vs IX Web Hosting

The best thing about IX web host is that they give unique IP address for each add-on domain unlike most shared web hosts. So if you have a large number of sites and would like to link them, IX is a good option considering the SEO advantage. Apart from that, Hostgator is a much better host. Hostgator offers better control panel(cpanel instead of H-sphere), much better support and overall better service. Also note that IX doesn't give mysql database for their basic offer, so cost wise there is not much differnce if you are looking to host a PHP/MySQL based site. No wonder, hostgator gets a much better review on any reliable review site.

Godaddy Vs Hostgator Review

There is no comparison here. Hostgator scores in all possible parameters. Any web hosting review on the net will put hostgator far ahead of godaddy. 1. Features: Godaddy gives you a limited custom control panel where as hostgator gives you the power of cPanel and fantastico. 2. Uptime: Even though both oversells, Hostgator doesnt load as many sites as godaddy into a single server. Result - better performance and uptime for hostgator, even though godaddy has an equally good network. 3. Support: Godaddy support might push you a URL or copy paste something if you ask a question, where as hostgator gives you personalized care.

Hostgator Vs Startlogic

Once again both overslls but hostgator has a much better reputation. If most Hostgator reviews rate them excellent, startlogic just gets and okay rating by reliable hosting reviews. 1. Controlpanel - Startlogic uses vDeck compared to cPanel used by hostgator 2. Support - A BIG differnce 3. Uptime - Startlogic customers reports too many down times. Slow server is not a news there. 4. Flexible payment options and plans compared to single plan by startlogic.



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