Krups and Heineken Group have introduced its latest product called BeerTender which is a pub-style beer draft that can store five liters of alcoholic drink.

This appliance includes a keg which is made of lightweight materials such as plastics and aluminum. These two elements work perfectly to maintain the alcoholic beverage fresh for up to 30 days or more.

The kegs can last for more than a month inside the BeerTender. After these containers have been used, consumers should return it to the market or store which will be then collected by breweries to replace it with a new container for beer. Also, the tubing must also be replaced after every keg (it comes at a price of $11 for every 10 tubes and can be purchased from its online store).

The beer barrel features Peltier cooling system which allows users to adjust the temperature (it has three settings). This feature is complemented with the internal carbonation technology which allows foam formation on each beer serving.

Another impressive feature is the digital panel which provides readouts such as temperature level which allows people to maintain the coolness of the beer, volume display shows how much is the content of the barrel, and freshness indicator which allows people to know how long the alcoholic beverage can maintain its quality.

This is how to use the BeerTender: place the keg (this is preferably cooled before use) inside the appliance and simply adjust the temperature system for any desired level. After this, users can simply open the faucet to allow the cold beer to flow.

This appliance works by pumping air to the inside which creates external pressure on the beer’s container. With this simple ergonomic principle, the alcoholic beverage will be pushed out of its container and will flow easily from the tap.

Without using pressurized capsules, the BeerTender is safer and more convenient to use compared to other conventional beer drafts which also makes it ideal for home use.

With this piece of equipment, people should no longer worry about cramp refrigerators and freezers since they have a container specifically designed for storing beers.


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