Intra - day trading should not be complicated, and in fact the entire application is a simple way to success. The most successful inside - Day traders use only a few basic strategies.

Some people work with very sophisticated techniques, just because they do not believe that just works. They say: «can not be that easy».

There are many approaches to the intra - day trading. We will not judge any of them better. If they work for you, the goal has been achieved.

Some do not like to use too many advanced technical indicators, with intra - day trading. The reason is that too many variables are taken into account. They prefer to receive clear signals of input based on the absolute price (ie the maximum and minimum). This gives them a clearer signal and less room for personal interpretation.
Trading on momentum

Trading on momentum usually lasts approximately 30 seconds to 1 hour. Trading on momentum is based on the strength of price movements and counter-trend of price movements, often caused by the news. Inside - Day traders often use this strategy.

Trading on breakthroughs

Trading on the gust of the market means buying a tool once it has moved above a certain price level. (sales vice versa) breakthroughs may occur in any temporal form. The most popular charts for intra - day traders trading on breakthroughs are 5 minute and 15 minute charts. The period of retention of position ranges from a few seconds (skalpirovanie break) before the end of the day.

Trading on rollback

Trading on the rollback is in contrast to trade in breakthroughs. Intra - day traders selling to downgrade the position when looking for market-based instruments recoil back to a significant amount (usually up to support) in order to justify the entry. (sales vice versa)

This is a classic intra - day trading, and many prefer to trade in breakthroughs, as well as the wish to confirm the movement of market instrument, although trading rollback can often be a lower foot. Period of trade is usually from several seconds to hours.


Scalping is «ultra short» inside - day trading. Traders selling method Scalping try to take advantage of a very small price movements and to close their positions immediately, as soon as they have sufficient surplus or if the market instrument is not in their direction, or moves against them.

Trade on spreads

Trade on spreads may be viewed as a kind skalpirovaniya. Trade means to spread the use of their advantage of spread (price difference between supply and demand). That means the market to buy an instrument for the price of the proposal and then sell it immediately for the price of the demand with a small surplus. Currently, the implementation of this kind of inside - day trading has become more difficult because of the total reduction of spreads, in virtually all types of market instruments. However, under certain conditions, this strategy can be applied quite successfully.


It is desirable that everyone inside - the day trader to experiment with different strategies and then decided for themselves what strategy suits him most.
Intra - day strategy presented here is in any case, are not conclusive and comprehensive. Trade policies should be constantly monitored and adjusted. But this article gives a brief overview of how to work within - day traders.



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