JAKKS Pacific, Inc., a company which manufacturers toy and consumer electronic devices, unveiled its latest miniaturized projector that will allow people to watch movies and video recordings in bigger screen.

The EyeClops Mini Projector primary feature is its compact design which can easily fit inside the pockets. Because of its portability, users can easily carry the projector from anywhere they will go.

The projector uses a high powered LED Illumination Technology which is highly ideal for displaying clean and crisp quality pictures. One major advantage of this technology is that it allows the device to consume the least amount of energy unlike other forms of light.

The portable device can also display images up to 70-inch in size and has been designed to support multiple electronic entertainment media including gaming consoles, MP3 players, Blu-ray, DVD players, other forms of video players, and some models of digital cameras. The advantage of this wide compatibility is that users are no longer required to buy converter boxes or cables to support other media devices.

To complement the high quality picture it can support, EyeClops has a built-in speakers designed to provide clean audio sound that will maximize the viewing experience of its users.

When tested, the projector can play up to 10 hours of videos with sounds using D batteries. On the other hand, people can use other power source such as DC adapters.

According to JAKKS website, the EyeClops projector comes at a suggested retail price of $99.99 and this can be purchased through online or from any major electronics stores nationwide. Meanwhile, the company said that the device will be introduced in late September this year.

In a statement, JAKKS Senior vice president John Ardell said that the company has introduced the mini projector to allow people to bring a full entertainment media anywhere they go, adding that they made sure that this will come at a very affordable price that will allow consumers to purchase the product.



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