Flip Mini HD is a portable camcorder that features multiple media functions which allow users to capture great video recordings.

This video recorder features a 1.5-inch LCD screen designed with Touch Sensitive Technology which provides users with easy and fast applications. The screen also has also Transflective TFT that can deliver brilliant images even on direct sunlight.

To provide vivid and realistic color, it has been designed to support images with 1280 x 720 resolutions. Complementing this feature is the1/4.5-inch HD CMOS sensor with 2.2┬Ám pixel.

One of the most notable features is the Light Sensitive Technology which allows people to capture great images even in low-light environment.

Another impressive feature is the multiple image settings including white balance and exposure that accommodates each unique characteristic of environments such as the landscape, lighting condition, etc.

This device can also support multiple video formats including H.264 video compression, MP4 file, and AAC audio compression. Regardless of the format, the handy camera can capture 30 frames of images every second.

The Lithium-ion rechargeable battery the device uses has been designed to last approximately two hours before recharging this again. Meanwhile, users can have two options in juicing up the device: either through computer USB port which should be charged for three hours or via power adapter for two hours.

Boasting multiple functions, the handy camera is very easy to use. Notable functions include saver that automatically shut down the device when not in use for an extended time; pause, fast forward, and rewind modes; and time/date setting.

As this portable camera is designed for bloggers who want to upload their recordings to video-sharing websites, the Flip Mini HD allows direct upload.

Other features are video compression of Pure Digital Video Engine 3.0; fixed-focus lens; still photo capability; image editing tools; and f2.4 aperture for capturing images in low-light condition.

Flip Mini HD comes at a suggested retail price of $229.99 and is only made available in black color.



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