Free web hosting can be very enticing to those who has limited budget for their site and cannot affordable a good web hosting service. This is quite common for some individuals who just start building their site and want a try. But is it something worth their time spend and effort done? Below are 5 reasons which will tell you why the answer is NO.

1) Free Web Hosting is not User Friendly

Usually, the free web hosting company will put some advertisement in your web site. This is the way they profit their company. This advertise might annoy your visitors, and cause them leave your web site immediately right after they visit it.

2) It is not Reliability Enough

Due to the reason of free, there is no uptime guarantee. The reliability of the web service really cannot be promised. And in fact, the stable of the free web hosting is much lower than paid one. The worst thing is that, once your service is down, your site is in the risk of not being able to recover back due to lack of backup.

3) Poor Customer Support

What kinds of support you expect to get from a free web hosting service providers? E-mail might be the only way for you, but due to the reliability reason, they might have a huge list of support email in pipe need to handle. And you have to wait.

4) Branding

This probably the most important one. Name of your web site is your brand in the web site. Once you get the free service of a web hosting, you will be provided with a sub-domain under their main domain. Usually, the free web hosting will not allow you to host your own domain in their server. When running a web site, the most difficult thing is not how to build it up but how you attract the traffic to your site. Once you want to move your site out due to all kinds of reason, you cannot keep the same domain name, which means all the effort to promote your web site will be wasted. And you have to start from zero.

5) Paid Web Hosting Can be Affordable

If you know the largest cost of a web hosting is not the fee from the web hosting service provider but your time, then, go to get a paid survey is your only choice, and will it be expensive? The answer is NO, there are many web hosting solution will charged you less than $5 per month, and give your plenty of features and excellent support.


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