Here is step by step tutorial , which will show you how to add Digg button to your blogger post. Well-integrated Digg button can be very effective and would encourage your readers to submit your article to the Digg Social Community Network, which can result to get some traffic on the go.

Adding digg button in blogger template is very simple,just do this small edit in your blog Template.

You should first make sure that you have Enabled Post Pages to Yes.

-Login to blogger account
-Go to Settings and click on Archiving Tab
-Set “Enable Post Pages” to “Yes”.

How to Add Digg Button In Top Right Corner Of The Post

Go to Layout->EDIT Html->Expand Widget
And Find this line of code

Paste this on the line directly before it:

Save your template.After this you´ll see digg button on right top of every of your post.

How to add Digg button directly into blogger post

We all know that blogger does not allow the SCRIPT tag in anything other than the Blogger template.If you think that there is no way to directly add script tag to blogger post, then you´re wrong. We can use iframe html tag , which contains another document. Just follow instruction below:

1. Copy this code into Notepad and save as digg.html

In “digg_url =” add your digg url.

2. Upload digg.html to server . You can’t upload file .html on blogger but you can use free hosting service . Go to this site and create account. When you login into Control Panel , Go to File Manager and upload digg.html

3. Insert the following code into blogger post

It looks like this :


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