A 2000MHz Kit With CL7 Timings!

OCZ Blade up close

The launch of the Core i7 processors by Intel saw performance reach new heights in almost every measurable that we have. By moving the memory controller on die with the CPU and adding a 3rd channel for memory, we have seen huge increases in memory bandwidth from these processors at even tame speeds of 1333MHz. Once overclocking is involved, those numbers ramp up dramatically and by 2000MHz are well over 30GB per second. This is nearly four times the amount of bandwidth the QX9770 can muster.

OCZ Blade up close

When it comes to high performance DDR3 for the Core i7 platform, we have seen some incredible memory kits come along the last few months from Corsair and Kingston. Now we have a new line of maximum performance memory from OCZ Technology called Blade. The Blade Series is designed to run at low voltage and provide an incredible speed of 2000MHz with 7-8-7 timings on Intel Core i7 X58 platforms. Both the speed and timings are the best of anything you can find on the market today.

OCZ Blade up close

What would a new line of memory be without a new heat spreader? OCZ’s aim with these black beauties was to increase the surface area, which works to enhance heat dissipation. Combined with a black PCB, these memory sticks certainly look the part of a high performance kit. While the heat spreader is slightly larger than most of OCZ’s existing product lines (save for the Reaper), the Blade Series heat spreaders are certainly modest compared to some that we have seen. Indeed, this approach is in contrast to the “bigger is better” mantra we seem to be noticing lately. Several kits on the market today have incredibly large heat spreaders, which introduces compatibility problems with some aftermarket heat sinks and kind of defeats the purpose.

A Closer Look

OCZ Blade Box

The box that this memory comes in is all business, black and white.

OCZ Blade up close

Getting up close and personal with one of the three modules, you can clearly see the specifications, PC3 16000 which equates to DDR3 2000MHz. 7-8-7 timings with a required voltage of 1.65v, clearly in-line with what Intel specifies as the max 24/7 operating parameter for the longevity of your CPU.

OCZ Blade up close

This photo shows just how much smaller the Blade Series heat spreaders are than what are probably the largest on the market, the HyperX T1.

OCZ Blade up close

On the back side of the module is, well, not much. To remove the heat spreader simply unscrew the two screws at the back. As I said earlier, this memory means business, let's take a look at what they will do.



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