There are certain features that your web hosting provider should definitely have, and you should ensure this by asking several common probing questions to your web hosting provider, before you really go ahead with the deal. The first and the foremost thing that you must ask your host is the basic fact whether they provide you with any money back guarantees or not. Even if the answer is yes, try asking your host further whether it also includes support guarantee and price-freeze guarantee. Also, try to find out the duration of the money-back guarantee as well as any applicable service charges, should you opt to take back your money. Moreover, remember that any premium hosting plan comes with a whole lot of free goodies such as demo versions of shopping cart software such as Zen cart, OsCommerce, Interchange, Agora and the likes of them, cPanel access, unlimited FTP accounts, and similar stuff. So, make sure that you get to enjoy these services free of cost, and don’t paying up anything extra for them.

You should also consider inquiring whether your web host provides you with any site statistics software or not, as this is always pretty much necessary to carry out a serious online campaign. Some of the good options include Webalizer, AWStats, and Modlogan, while Google analytics is usually embedded by default.

Don’t forget to ask your host whether they provide you with the choice of Windows as well as Linux hosting or not. Remember, if you’re planning on running Wordpress, CushyCMS, or Joomla based blog-type websites, then surely you’re going to be land up in some serious trouble, unless your host provides you with Linux hosting. However, on the other hand, you may also require Windows hosting for a variety of reasons. So, try to ensure that your host gives you best of both worlds. Basically, every other good host keeps both these options open to their customers.

You should also ensure that they offer you referral bonuses, in case you wish to make some handy bucks by promoting their services to the others. Though it is always the case, you should still get it clarified by your host. Moreover, you must also find out whether they offer you a fixed price of a particular % of the total sale made on the click of banner put on your website to promote the services.

Furthermore, you should also try to find out about the additional goodies like free Google AdWords, and MSN vouchers, as well as search engine and directory submissions, as a part of complementary services offered by your web hosting agency. You must clear out all your confusions, before you decide upon picking a particular web host, so don’t be afraid to ask them the silliest of your questions. After all, it’s you who’s paying the money, so you’ve got all the right in the world to ask them anything you want.


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