Once you plan to launch your website on the internet, the first and the foremost that you need is obviously a domain name and a good web host.
There are vivid kinds of web hosting solutions available, which cater to the needs of different people. So depending upon your specific needs, you may pick the one, which is most appropriate pricing-wise as well as facilities-wise. You must be careful though, finding a reliable web hosting provider is much more difficult that you may think, because every web hosting company tries to manipulate you, in order to think that they are ultra reliable, affordable and most of all cheap. The reality is quite different. On this article we will analyze the different types of web hosting services that you are able to find almost everywhere.

Amongst the different types of web hosting services, shared web hosting happens to be the most popular one, in which a web server space is shared by many users. It is suitable for hosting a number of common websites, and the web apps that don’t involve any ecommerce transactions or security issues. It is often referred to as virtual hosting as well.

The Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting is needed whenever you wish to exercise control over your hosting environment, though there’s no need of the availing the other resources of a dedicated server. Considering the cost, the VPS will cost you higher than the shared hosting solutions, but lesser than the dedicated web hosting.

Now, moving on to the dedicated web hosting, you’ll realize that whenever you plan on using all the server resources to the maximum possible extent, then a shared hosting solution may not be an optimal solution. Essentially, dedicated hosting is required by those websites, which are built on PHP, need back-end connectivity with MySql, and require data encryption with SSL certificates. This type of web hosting also provides dedicated IP, and good support.

On the other hand, the managed web hosting services also render top-quality support services for the web servers, along with all the features of the dedicated hosting services. It is preferred by those who run ecommerce stores or other similar services require 24x7 dedicated support.

Server Co-Location is yet another viable option when you want own hardware located, and a good web hosting company will host your server at their respective data centre. It is good to maintain high security.

The reseller web hosting services are the best ones for those who wish to re-sell the hosting services to the others, and make some handy bucks. With this type of hosting services, you can not only host as many websites as you want, but also re-sell a chunk of web space to others, and generate revenues out of it. It is as good as buying a duplex house, and letting out one portion for rent, while utilizing the rest.

Lastly, the free web hosting caters to the needs of the newbies in the world of internet, who just wish to host their promotional sites or personal web pages free of cost. However, just as every good thing in the world comes at a cost, you will get limited functionality like low web space, pop-ups, banners, and several other restrictions, nevertheless it is good enough for hosting few handy pages over the internet without spending even a penny.



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