In recent reviews, we saw that there’s been a vague line of design between the PC desktop speakers and other multimedia speakers. One of the clear example indicating this condition is RedDot Award Winner – Edifier Luna 2 D-class Amp, a USB desktop speakers that take shape of iPod Speakers.


Unlike IceCube Speaker, this Edifier Luna 2 desktop speakers come with all these in addition to an analog auxiliary input, and on top of the speaker, there is a touch-sensitive panel.


These desktop speakers came in a black and silver color scheme, appear more like a pair of sculptures, and they weigh 2kg each, a bit heavy for a desktop speaker. The touch panel of the desktop speakers will detect swiping, being touch sensitive and will work with most media players; though, you need to bring the application to the forefront of the desktop for the controls to respond. The Edifier Luna 2 desktop speakers speakers unit could pump out a lot of volume as they are rated at 30W RMS output.





Price: £250 (available only in UK)

Source: EverythingUSB ; Edifier-International ; Reghardware


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