The iPod is already pretty forward looking in terms of design, but designer Gopinath Prasana decided to take things a little bit further with the iBangle concept.This iBangle design concept is a little

bit daring as the design fits right on your wrist instead of clipping to your belt.Don’t let its loose look fool you, the iBangle won’t easily slip off like other “clip-on” MP3 players. Apparently, that tiny blue button that you see in the illustration somehow fills the blue area with air, so it fits snug, but hopefully not too snug.

This MP3 player comes in the form of a - you’ve guessed it, a bangle, and features a multi-touch track pad for you to control your playlist. Guess this is a fancy version of the iPod Shuffle since it lacks the physical real estate for a screen or projector to keep you entertained with movies, so only songs will have to do. Since everyone comes with different wrist sizes, the iBangle boasts a cushion within that inflates so that it is able to fit into just about any wrist snugly.



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