I love Sony. On the other hand, I hate them. Sometimes, I even love to hate them, exactly as it happens with Apple. In the end, I guess most notorious companies have a dark side, but that depends on the point of view, and the eyes watching. When talking about Sony, I usually hate the prices, and the colors chosen for some of their products. For example, the VAIO P, but not only this model - when they come in pink...I almost feel like crawling up the walls!


The story goes like this - according to Sony Insider, the VAIO P is expected to receive some updates pretty soon. So far, so good, but most people were expecting some minor retouches, like new colors available, and probably some additional accessories. Guess what? This is only a small part of the truth...
<-300x250 Medium Rectangle - center->
...because various inside sources mentioned that the 700 line is on its way here, and this is opposed to the current 500 line, so it seems like a typical Sony scheme for spec refreshes.

While the new digits include signs of new colors, the additional "Q" in the mix points at some hardware changes. What kind of hardware changes? That's a good question, but it has no answer, at least for now.

You know what's the most frightening part of this possible update? A tiny ultraportable like the VAIO P featuring Windows 7! Why aren't they customizing some Windows XP Home, the Alienware way, huh? Sometimes, a smart Windows theme could be worth the device's weight in gold!



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