The Sony Vaio Z range of notebooks is pretty wide, but instead of giving today's model just another serial number, they should have given it a nickname. If we look at the hardware setup of this new Sony Vaio Z announced by Sony, there's only one nickname I can think of, and that is "Monster," of course.

Why should it be so obvious that the new Sony Vaio Z is a monster? Well, the hardware setup it has is far off the regular laptop charts. Unfortunately, the price is also off the line... but if you really need a killer laptop, then I guess you'll pay what's worth - and some extra! <-300x250 Medium Rectangle - center-> The Vaio Z Order Made got the following hardware setup: - Core 2 Duo T9900 at 3.06GHz
- 8GB of RAM
- 512GB of SSD storage (256GBx2!!)
- MIMO Wireless Lan
- Digital and Analog TV Tuner
- Optional WAN
- Blu-Ray Drive

The price? Come ooon, I don't want to get a heart attack today, really! I guess it should go way above $3,000, but since this monster is only listed on the Japanese Sony website for now... we can start saving some money and dream about the most powerful Sony Vaio Z laptop. After all, dreams are for free...



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