Legally blonde fans remember very well Elle's pink laptop. She probably didn't know that she started a trend, and that now everyone wants a pink laptop. After the release of the movie, many computer companies added pink laptops into their marketing plans, and started developing new models of laptops, pink ones, for Elle's fans or for people who want something out of the box. The pink laptop is a fashion statement and many people are almost dieing to have a pink laptop.

Many people like the design and most of the interested people in pink laptops are women, but there are men as well who have an interest in them. This color is moving from a girls favorite color and the number of men who like it is growing is daily. They are wearing more often pink and it doesn't seem to be a problem for them to have a pink laptop. Legally blonde's pink laptop just gave strengh to the trend "wear pink!".

legally-blondes-pink-laptop The most popular companies which sell pink computers are Dell, Sony and Asus. These are the popular brands which added in their offer the new trendy laptops. There have also been released mini pink laptops, for mini users, for girls who fell in love with this gadget. One of the most important decisional factors which have a big influence on the decision to buy a pink laptop are the reviews and owners' opinions.

A little more popular pink laptops are those produced by Sony, the VAIO model, which comes in a large variety of pink shades. They have 7 shades of pink in their offer and they are very well appreciated for this, because there is a shade for everyone. Asus offers only 5 shades, and Dell has a Flamingo pink laptop, the Inspiron model. There is one big company which hasn't introduced yet the pink version, the major player in laptops and mini laptops, Apple. they didn't reveal any pink option until now, though they have a large palette of products, but many customers are very anxious waiting for the release of a pink laptop.

Even the movie came out in 2001, and since then passed 8 years, people didn't lose their interest for this interesting model of laptop and the improvements in this niche are continously made. The companies are enlarging their offers by adding new shades of pink, or by delevoping better and more stable systems for this kind of laptops. It is very interesting that the customer's group includes adults and children too, and this is an advantage for producers, because they can use very well their creativity in developing laptops for children. Next to the design there has appeared a new niche too, concerning applications and various software special created for pink laptops.

Legally Blonde's pink laptop became a fashion statement and is also enlarging the laptops market. Here, in these specific fields, the computer producers can use their competitive advantages to come each time with a better version of the operating system, with a better and more good-looking design, and the software producers can adapt to the new types of laptops.



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