Having used a laptop on a regular basis for the last few years, I have become a fan of the new breed of small laptops available on the market. Small laptops are easy to carry, lightweight and have become more and more userfriendly. Often referred to as netbooks, web books or mini laptops they are fast becoming the latest must have item. As well as being affordable, small laptops are packed with the same specifications of most of their big brothers.

This website has been created to give you further information on the ten best small laptops on the market. As newer and better laptop models appear are released we will continually update the site so you will easily be carrying the latest and best small laptops in your laptop bag.

We also provide links of websites of where you can buy the reviewed laptop. Buying a mini laptop can often be a difficult process due to finding the right model for your needs. We would highly recommend any of the laptops featured as being a good buy. The site contains cheap small laptops, bargain small laptops as well as high end

small laptops to suit every type of user and cover all their uses.


The small laptop is expected to be the one of the largest industries in computing with all major manufacturers producing their own latest must-have version of the netbook product. Targeted at users with basic computing


needs, small laptops are made especially for everyday users of the internet, email, chat, video, music and movies. They are extremely portable and the average user is more than capable of completing simple spreadsheet or document writing. Our small laptops guide will give you an insight of which are the best machines to buy suited to your needs.

Below is a list of top tips when buying a small laptop:

1) Do Your Research – Try to know as much as possible about the laptop you are buying, follow this as a rule of thumb, just like buying any other precious commodity ensure you invest in the right product and get maximum value, laptops are expensive and complex in terms of features and capabilities. Read as many good review sites as possible in order to find out the pros and cons of buying a particular laptop.

2) Always buy online – To ensure you get the maximum discount and only pay for the cost of your product but not the rent or staff wages for a high street store, you are strongly advised to buy online. There are many trusted specialist websites offering a huge variety of laptops at discount prices. All the buying sites mentioned within small laptops guide have been carefully selected and are recommended authorised seller’s of the particular web book.

3) Be Sure of the Size - Some companies are offering small laptops from 8″ in size. Although this may be appealing for carrying the product, you need to consider what you will be using the laptop for before you go ahead and buy. My laptop is 10.6″, I often use this for working purposes and have no issues with the size but anything smaller and I might find making websites a lot more difficult. I would still consider this a small laptop and i still get the “your laptop is so small” comments. If I was to intending to only surf the web and check mails then I would consider the smaller options.

4) Get the Main Specifications Right – Laptop manufacturing industry is fiercely competitive and you will notice a cut throat competition between the brands trying to outsell the rivals by highlighting newer and better features every single day such as bigger memory, faster processing, sharper screen resolution, better connectivity, laptops with Wifi bluetooth or even mobile SIM connectivity. The important thing to check for are:

- Processor Speed – We would recommend 1.6 GHz and above

- Memory RAM – We would recommend 1 GB and above

- Battery Life – Look for machines with 5 hours and above (you dont usually get the full number of hours they say in reality)

- WIFI – Check that the small laptop is WIFI enabled so access to the internet in public hotspots is possible.

Always buy a laptop with the essential features you need to get the maximum discount possible.



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