A quick introduction... I was surfing the web when I came across an interesting piece of art being used as a logo (for a gaming team?)... I can't remember. But I really liked it and I wanted to put myself to a test to see if I could recreate it. So without further ado - here is ZeroGrafics very first tutorial:

Note: If you are pretty new to Photoshop you're probably going to have a hard time with this tutorial. I didn't write out how to use all the tools or where to find them. My reason being that if you are that new to Photoshop this probably isn't a tutorial you should be doing anyway. But, like I said, if you do need any assistance I would love to help however I can. My email address again is mrthomas999@yahoo.com

Note: The "honeycomb" pattern (as I call it) can be downloaded on this page.
Also, you can play with the scale to make the pattern larger or smaller. I liked mine at 100% (which is default).



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