If you have sore muscles on a regular basis, then you’ve likely found ways to cope throughout the day. One thing that might help push you over the edge and keep you feeling good is this mouse. A mouse is not usually something that you would use to keep your muscles from being sore all the time. However, that’s exactly what this little Japanese mouse is used for. The EMS mouse allows for you to hook yourself up and get a bit of relaxation on the exact spot that is giving you troubles.

I have used EMS pads before myself, and it turned out that for my particular type of pain, they didn’t really work. So it would be better if you knew specifically already that this method does help out your issue. The EMS pads, if they work on you, not only relieve pain, but can promote healing as well. The mouse works as a regular mouse, but also controls the pads when you have them hooked to the mouse. As of now this is just in Japan, so it’ll be hard to get your hands on the mouse. If you were to, it’d cost you 5,696 Yen or about $58.

Source: CraziestGadgets


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