To add a Mask to a layer,first you must select the respective layer and then click on the Mask button.You may find the button in the bottom area of the layer`s section.


You`ll notice that in the right side of the layer will appear a thumbnail.


To start using the layer mask,click on the layer mask thumbnail and start hiding and revealing layers.

Next,I`ll present you some examples of using layer masks.You`ll see that those masks will become a must have in your next Photoshop projects.

Create a black and white picture with colored areas

In the first example I`ll show you how to create a black and white picture.After,I`ll reveal some colored areas from the initial image.

First step,download this flowers arrangement photo to get started.After you download it,load the image into Photoshop.


Next,we`re going to make the picture a black and white one.Go to Layer->New Adjustment Layer->Hue/Saturation and apply the next settings:



To make the image more lighter,go to Layer->new Adjustment Layer->Brightness/Contrast and change the brightness and contrast of the image.


Now we have a back and white image:


Let`s reveal a little color.Click on the layer mask thumbnail of the Hue/Saturation layer.The reason is simple.The layer mask hides the initial picture by painting over the black and white effect.So,to reveal the colors,we must delete the respective areas of the mask.

Now,with the Hue/Saturation layer mask selected,choose a Soft brush and start revealing the colored areas.


Start painting with the brush tool where you want to color.


The image is ready:


Here`s another images that I modified to show you how great is this procedure:




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