If you’re not satisfied with that bright white Xbox 360, here’s an easy way to spruce it up a bit. This case not only keeps your Xbox protected, but it offers a nice light show as well. For many the case it comes in is just fine, but if you play your 360 enough, it does get a little dull. Besides, it shows off to your friends your dedication to gaming. After all, no casual gamer would bother with purchasing a Black Light HDMI Case.

Keep in mind before you purchase this that it will only work with a 360 that has an HDMI port. It won’t work if it doesn’t have one. The case includes a faceplate, DVD bezel, eject button and an air tube with built-in LED lights. It has a total of 7 LED colors that it can flip between. Anytime you want the color to change, you just hit a button. You won’t need any additional tools to switch it over into this case either. They say it will only take about 10-15 minutes to do the job. You can purchase it for $89.99 from Extreme Mods.

Source: GeekyGadgets


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