While going through photoshop lady tutorials, I came across ‘old paper effect’ created in photoshop, which inspired me to create the same in fireworks and thought of sharing it with you all.

Let’s draw a rectangular vector image of hexacode ‘#E6D8B7’.

Let’s introduce some noise. From the main menu, click on ‘Filter > Noise > Add Noise’.
Add small amount of noise to this vector image.
You will receive an alert message saying that vector image will be converted to bitmap image. Well, that should not be a problem, so you can click on ‘OK’ button.

We will need to provide fold effect to this paper. So I searched for 'fabric' in ‘istockphoto’.
Imported the same to our canvas and resized it to the base bitmap image size.

Select this fabric image and select ‘Overlay’ from layers window.

Reduce the opacity to ‘15’. To get a better effect, copy / paste this ‘overlay’ fabric.

We will now need to add ‘grunge’ effect on paper edges.
To obtain this effect, I googled ‘Fireworks grunge pattern’ and couldn’t find any, so decided to create them by myself. Created the below two and used it as texture to obtain our grunge effect.

To create these grunge textures-
1. I opened new fireworks canvas of size 300 x 250 with black base color.
2. Made some vector white images of different shapes.
3. Played around with all kinds of filters, such as ‘blur’, ‘Gauzier blur’, ‘Radial blur’, ‘Eye candy 4000LE Marble effect’, ‘Eye candy 4000LE Motion Trail effect’. In simple words, I just played around and obtained effects which looks like the ones shown below.

Next, I drew a vector black image as shown below. It doesn’t have to be black, you can choose any color you like. Darker shades preferable for better output.

From properties window, select ‘others’ from‘Texture’ dropdown and import ‘png’ grunge effect files just created.

Select overlay from layers window and adjust opacity based on your requirement. Since my grunge effect looks quite light, I left it to 100% opacity.

Next step is left to your creativity. Create as many patterns as you like and put them wherever you think it fits well to produce desired output.

Since it looked quite plain, I decided to provide border. I created a brown color border of about 40% opacity and thickness 8px and another border of same color / opacity but thickness of 1px with borders overlapping each other. Shifted borders below textured vector images. I also introduced ‘glow’ effect to the base sheet to give more authentic feel.

Next I copied vintage fish image from my vintage tutorial and pasted it in the center along with some text. Shifted both ‘fish’ and ‘text’ below ‘grunge’ textured vector images.

Above image is the final output I got and I hope this tutorial was useful to you.



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